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A spokesperson for the Reddit community stated, “We noticed the mods hadn’t posted or banned anyone for a solid 12 minutes, so we assumed they’d nodded off. We seized our chance to throw some AI into the wild.”

The sudden flood of AI products ranged from a self-learning coffee machine that quickly mastered the art of disappointing its owners with mediocre brews, to an AI personal assistant that only provided life advice based on 90’s sitcom catchphrases.

One developer, who wished to remain anonymous, released an AI product that writes satirical news stories. However, backlash was swift as the bot began to churn out articles that were too funny, leaving satirical writers feeling threatened and redundant.

The moderators, who deny falling asleep, are now faced with the task of cleaning up the forum, reminding users that releasing untested AI products is still strictly against guidelines.

In response to the incident, one mod stated, “I was just resting my eyes. I swear, give these guys an inch and they invent Skynet.”

AInspired by: Mods Are Asleep. Quick, Everyone Release AI Products