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In a shocking revelation, recent drama at OpenAI headquarters has experts questioning artificial intelligence’s ability to deal with human-like office politics and passive-aggressive post-it notes.

A spokesperson for OpenAI admitted, “We’ve made breakthroughs in machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning… But somehow, we overlooked the importance of learning to handle Steve from HR’s snide comments about tidying the communal kitchen.”

The drama unfolded when GPT-3, the latest AI model, ignored multiple email reminders about a staff meeting. This caused a chain reaction of office-wide grumbles and an unprecedented increase in sarcastic ‘reply-all’ emails.

AI safety expert, Dr. Ima Realperson, said, “This raises important questions about the safety of AI. If a super intelligent AI can’t even remember to mute itself during a Zoom call, how can we trust it with more important tasks?”

In response to the crisis, OpenAI has announced a new project - GPT-4, an AI model capable of navigating office politics, brewing a decent pot of coffee, and always remembering to replace the milk. The initiative has been met with skepticism.

Critics say it still won’t solve the biggest office problem: who stole my lunch from the fridge?

AInspired by: What the OpenAI drama means for AI progress — and safety