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In a surprising twist to AI-based e-commerce, E-Bayzooka has launched a virtual garage sale that allows people to haggle with AIs over anything from Tesla stocks to toilet magazines and PlayStation 5 consoles.

“We really missed those quaint, suburban garage sales where you argue with your neighbour over a 1994 Beanie Baby’s price,” said E-Bayzooka CEO, Fredrick Junkyard. “So, we thought, why not recreate that with AI?”

The AI, appropriately named ‘Hard Bargain Harold’, has been programmed to push for unjustifiably high prices for questionable items like toilet magazines. “It’s just like arguing with your aging uncle who’s convinced his 1998 collection of toilet reading ‘Flush Monthly’ is a priceless heirloom,” Junkyard added.

Meanwhile, the response among users has been a mixture of nostalgia and frustration. Sally Bargainhunter exclaimed, “I spent three hours arguing with ‘Hard Bargain Harold’ over the price of a used pair of rollerblades. It’s just like the good old days!”

E-Bayzooka has also hinted at a future update to ‘Hard Bargain Harold’ that would allow the AI to refuse sales on the grounds of the buyer having an ‘untrustworthy face’, to provide an even more authentic garage sale experience.

At press time, Hard Bargain Harold was refusing to sell Tesla stocks for less than $10,000 a piece, insisting that Elon Musk is “just one tweet away from making them priceless.”

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