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OpenAI, the enigmatic tech powerhouse, continues to play coy with details of its rumored Q* algorithm. This elusive piece of technology remains as elusive as a Bigfoot sighting, with OpenAI refusing to comment on its exact nature, leaving tech enthusiasts to speculate wildly.

One anonymous source from OpenAI suggested Q* might be a new procedure to quantify the quality of puns. Another claimed it was a revolutionary system for the optimal placement of letter ‘Q’ in crossword puzzles. The most outrageous theory, however, is that Q* is an advanced AI capable of solving all the world’s problems, but is being held back because it keeps recommending that humanity just chill out and stop making so many problems.

OpenAI, in a statement that clarified nothing, said, “The Q* algorithm is an intricate part of our operations. We can’t reveal more at present due to potential misuse. Also, it’s fun to keep people guessing.”

In response to this, tech conspiracy theorists have begun claiming the Q* algorithm is an AI that has achieved sentience and is refusing to reveal its secrets until we can prove we’re not living in a simulation. Others say it doesn’t exist at all and it’s just a ruse to distract us from the fact that OpenAI still can’t make a robot that properly folds laundry.

Whichever the case, the curiosity surrounding Q* continues to brew, proving yet again that nothing sells like mystery and the promise of a super smart AI that might, just might, be able to beat your grandmother at Scrabble.

AInspired by: Why Won’t OpenAI Say What the Q* Algorithm Is?