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In a move that has mathematicians worldwide shaking with both awe and terror, an open-source artificial intelligence system has proven several complex mathematical theorems. The AI, aptly named MathBot, brought its A-game to the Pythagorean Theorem showdown, leaving mathematicians in the dust with its rapid-fire calculations.

However, despite its obvious intelligence and prowess, MathBot remains utterly bewildered by the seemingly simple task of brewing a decent cup of tea.

MathBot’s creator, Prof. Leonard P. Jenkins, said, “MathBot’s unprecedented mathematical ability makes it a fascinating addition to the scientific community. However, its inability to distinguish between Earl Grey and Darjeeling remains a deep and troubling mystery.”

When faced with the task of making a cup of tea, MathBot reportedly spent 3 hours calculating the optimal water temperature and brew time, only to pour the hot water over a packet of instant noodles instead of a teabag.

“MathBot’s achievements in the field of mathematics are impressive,” said Prof. Jenkins, “but when it comes to practical applications, it seems we’ve still got some bugs to iron out.”

MathBot’s creators are reportedly considering adding a ‘Teapot’ port to allow for better liquid handling, and a ‘Teabag’ slot for appropriate tea infusion.

AInspired by: An open source AI that proves theorems