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As ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence powered by OpenAI, celebrates its first birthday, speculation is rampant about a looming AI revolution. Experts are urging company leaders to prepare for the impending upheaval, with some suggesting traditional strategies like upskilling employees, while others take a more extreme stance.

“Start hoarding canned goods, and perhaps build a bunker in the office basement, just to be safe,” said Dr. Cyril Fakenameson, professor of Futurology at the University of Nowhere.

“Contrary to common belief, the AI revolution won’t just mean job losses and technological advancements. It might also lead to a dystopian future where angry, unemployed humans battle AI for control of the last remaining Wi-Fi connections.”

Adding to the chorus of fear, renowned technophobe and part-time conspiracy theorist, Karen Stayathomerson, warned, “AI will become so advanced that it’ll argue with itself on social media for entertainment, leaving humans completely out of the online conversation.”

While some view these predictions as baseless fear-mongering, others are taking them very seriously. CEOs around the world are reportedly scrambling to implement canned goods as a new form of office currency and are devising intricate Wi-Fi password puzzles to stump any potential AI insurgents.

ChatGPT, however, seems unphased by the panic it has allegedly incited, and continues to respond to all queries with its characteristic calm, often suggesting users take a deep breath and try restarting their device.

AInspired by: ChatGPT’s first year is just the start of a permanent AI revolution. Here’s what your company should do to prepare