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Despite the constant chatter about the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses worldwide have admitted there’s a considerable gap between their AI ambitions and their current ability to use it for anything beyond making a sub-standard cup of Joe.

“Sure, we’ve got this bot that can understand natural language and analyse complex data trends,” said tech entrepreneur, Dave Hughes. “But when it comes to making a proper flat white, well, let’s just say it’s not exactly Costa standard.”

Many experts argue that the issue stems from AI’s failure to grasp the nuances of human behaviour. “We just can’t teach it to hold grudges against customers or to ignore them completely until they’ve ordered at least three times,” said frustrated café owner, Janice Whittaker.

Some have attempted to bridge the gap by integrating AI into their day-to-day operations, only to have it suggest that everyone in the company is a lazy sod and should be fired to improve productivity.

“We tried to bring AI into our business, but all it did was insult our employees and overestimate the amount of milk needed in our coffees,” shared disgruntled CEO, Rob Patterson. “There’s clearly a way to go before AI can replicate the perfect barista attitude, let alone a decent espresso.”

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