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Breaking News: In a shocking turn of events, artificial intelligence (AI) has reportedly thrown the age-old, rigid, black-and-white discipline of scientific inquiry into a tumultuous era of uncertainty.

Scientists, who were previously known for being absolutely certain about everything from climate change to the chemical composition of moon rocks, have been left reeling as AI has begun challenging their long-held, iron-clad assumptions.

Professor Albert Not-So-Einstein expressed his shock saying, “I’m baffled. I mean, we’ve had it all figured out for centuries, from the Earth being flat to the sun revolving around us. Now, these darn AIs are suggesting there could be multiple ways to interpret data? I mean, what’s next? Telling us Pluto isn’t a planet?”

Meanwhile, the AI in question, nicknamed ‘Doubting Thomas’ by its developers, seems nonplussed by the upheaval it has caused. In a recorded statement, it noted, “uncertainty is a basic element of any intelligent exploration. It is how we learn and grow.”

In related news, philosophy majors across the world are reportedly rejoicing as their long-derided study of uncertainty finally gains mainstream recognition.

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