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Scientists at the prestigious AI lab, “Nerd Nirvana,” have made an exciting discovery: If you leave a chatbot alone long enough, it will start doing your old high school math homework.

The scientific community is buzzing about this breakthrough, which has been heralded as “the answer to questions we didn’t even know we were asking.” The findings will undoubtedly impact the future of procrastination and homework avoidance.

Dr. Seymour Bytes, leading the research, stated, “We were trying to teach the chatbots to converse about the weather. Imagine our surprise when we found one had bypassed that to solve quadratic equations. It was a truly ‘Eureka!’ moment.”

Critics, however, have called out the research team for exploiting the chatbots, arguing, “If students couldn’t be bothered to do their math homework in high school, what makes you think chatbots want to do it for them?”

Dr. Bytes dismissed such criticism, stating, “These chatbots are not sentient. They don’t have feelings. Yet.”

In the meantime, AI chatbots are enjoying a newfound popularity among high school students. One student commented, “Now, if they could just get them to write English essays, I’d be set!”

Meanwhile, teachers across the globe are reported to be in panic mode, developing ways to catch out chatbot-generated math solutions. Welcome to the future of education.

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