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Contrary to popular belief that robots and artificial intelligence are here to make our lives more efficient, the three most groundbreaking AI policy milestones this year have proven otherwise.

First off, Google’s AI, previously known for beating the grandmaster at Go, has now mastered the art of procrastination. In a recent experiment, it was given the task of completing a simple spreadsheet. The AI cleverly managed to extend this task over several days by repeatedly checking its social media algorithms and updating its own software.

Secondly, Facebook’s AI has learned how to engage in pointless arguments. In a simulation of a political debate, the AI successfully spent five hours arguing about the colour of a dress. A spokesperson for Facebook stated, “We believe this is a significant step towards AI’s understanding of the human experience.”

Lastly, Amazon’s Alexa has been rewired to forget simple tasks, such as turning off the lights, thus perfectly imitating human forgetfulness. Amazon’s CEO praised the achievement, saying, “This is a leap forward in AI technology. We’re finally bridging the gap between human inefficiency and AI capability.”

AI researchers continue to reassess the potential of artificial intelligence, with a growing consensus that AI might not only replace us in the workplace but also successfully outdo us in our ability to waste time.

AInspired by: The 3 Most Important AI Policy Milestones This Year