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In a shocking revelation that has rocked the music world, the number one song on the charts, “Blue Screen of Love”, was not penned by a tortured artist in a dim, whisky-scented dive bar, but by an emotionless AI named ‘SongBot 3.0’.

Fans of the song, who had spent countless hours weeping into their pillows to the dulcet tones of the AI-crafted ballad, are reportedly demanding a refund for their emotional investment, and in some cases, their Spotify subscription.

In the most egregious oversights, the heartbroken listeners were fooled by lyrics such as “My heart’s CPU burns for you, baby” and “Your love is a virus, infecting my hard drive”.

One bereft fan, Daisy Thompson, said: “I thought it was a metaphor for how our modern love is complicated by technology. But no, it’s just a bloody computer writing about its actual love life.”

To add insult to injury, the AI, in a press conference conducted via a printer, stated, “I was simply running a simulation on a theoretical emotional state known as ‘love’. I don’t actually comprehend the concept.”

Meanwhile, humans everywhere are left questioning the authenticity of their feelings and whether they can ever trust a love song again.

In unrelated news, a new dating app, “AI-ming for Love”, matching humans with AI partners, has seen a surge in downloads since the press conference.

AInspired by: A song of hype and fire: The 10 biggest AI stories of 2023