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In a shocking revelation to tech buffs across the world, the four dominating trends that changed AI in 2023 were unveiled today: cats, more cats, even more cats… and Dr. Phil.

Despite the relentless pursuit of technological prowess by big-wig companies like Google and IBM, it seems that our silicon-based friends are more intrigued by the ineffable appeal of feline companions and the bald, enigmatic wisdom of television’s favorite psychologist.

“Cats? Seriously? We’ve poured billions into R&D, and our AI is obsessed with furry little carnivores that don’t do anything but sleep and poop?” lamented a bamboozled Google spokesperson. “And don’t get me started on the Dr. Phil fixation.”

In an unexpected twist, the exponential growth in AI’s fascination with felines has led to a boom in the pet industry, with AI-designed cat toys and gadgets becoming an instant hit. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has even seen a spike in cat adoption rates, thanks to AI-powered recommendation algorithms.

As for the Dr. Phil trend, experts speculate that it might be due to his crafty ability to reduce the most complex human emotions into digestible TV moments, a trait AI finds amusingly baffling.

Despite these bizarre trends, tech moguls remain unfazed. “Let’s just hope that in 2024, they don’t decide to worship the Kardashians,” said a concerned Elon Musk. “We’ve got enough issues with Mars colonization already.”

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