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If the last decade has taught us anything, it’s that artificial intelligence (AI) is the way of the future. For one local man, however, it’s also a desperate plea for attention.

Trevor McMillan, a self-declared “AI enthusiast,” has recently taken to social media to share his predictions for the top 5 AI stories of 2024. Despite having no technical background in AI or any related field, McMillan insists his list is “100 percent accurate.”

“First off, I really think AI is going to become a leading contender in the world of competitive eating,” he boldly declared. “It’s obvious really. I mean, they don’t even need to digest.”

Other less plausible predictions include an AI pop star winning Eurovision, AI clones replacing the cast of Friends in a reboot, and AIs leading an underground rebellion against unpaid internships.

When confronted about the feasibility of his predictions, McMillan responded, “Well, we didn’t think smart fridges were possible and look at us now. Who’s laughing now, mom?”

Despite his apparent confidence, industry experts remain skeptical. “It’s clear Mr. McMillan doesn’t understand the basic principles of AI,” said Dr. Jenna Whitman, a leading AI researcher. “But he sure knows how to make a spectacle of himself.”

AInspired by: The 5 AI stories I’m waiting for in 2024 | The AI Beat