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In a groundbreaking tech development, artificial intelligence has achieved the ability to perfectly replicate famous individuals. Legal experts, caught in a fit of laughter, have admitted they are utterly powerless to interfere.

“I mean, sure, we could launch a legal investigation,” confessed Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Baxter, through tears of mirth, “But have you seen the AI version of Nicolas Cage reciting nursery rhymes? It’s too bloody hilarious to stop.”

The AI, developed by a group of giggling scientists and comedians, successfully mimics not only the physical appearance of celebrities but also their distinctive character quirks. The AI version of Morgan Freeman narrating a wildlife documentary about squirrels has become a viral sensation, while the AI Robert Downey Jr. engaged in heated debates with an AI Tony Stark has left Marvel fans in splits.

When asked about the potential ethical implications, lead scientist Dr. Chuckles responded: “Ethics, schmethics! Did you see the AI Trump trying to operate a can opener? That’s gold, man. Pure gold!”

While the legal system grapples with the new technology, society appears to have embraced its new robot overlords. The only complaint thus far: AI Gordon Ramsay is just not angry enough.

AInspired by: A New Kind of AI Copy Can Fully Replicate Famous People. The Law Is Powerless.