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In a bold prediction for our technological future, Dr. Herbert Proton of Techtronix Laboratories has claimed that by the year 2024, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have definitively mastered the childhood game of leapfrog.

Dr. Proton stated, “Our research indicates that by developing advanced somersault algorithms, we’re on track to enable AI to hurdle over each other in a bizarrely controlled playground game by 2024.”

Critics have questioned the value of this startlingly specific AI leap forward. Freda Heuristix, a renowned AI ethicist, commented: “While we’re grappling with potential job displacement and privacy issues, Proton is busy teaching robots to take giant leaps over one another. Bravo, Science!”

In response, Dr. Proton argued: “It’s not just about leapfrog. It’s about applying these algorithms to other critical tasks, like teaching AI to play ‘duck, duck, goose’ or ‘musical chairs’. You’ve got to see the bigger picture.”

Developers at Techtronix have admitted that the current challenge is enabling AI to handle the psychological aspect of leapfrog, particularly mastering the ‘loser’s walk of shame’. They are however confident that by 2024, AI will not only leap but also potentially bruise their egos in a fair game of leapfrog.

AInspired by: How 2024 Will Be A.I.’s ‘Leap Forward’