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In a surprising twist, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has decided to abandon his much-hyped Metaverse project to focus on Artificial Intelligence. Close sources suspect that his sudden pivot was spurred by the overwhelming desire to overshadow the haunting legacy of his teenage angst immortalized in the 2010 movie “The Social Network.”

“Mark’s been really hung up on the portrayal of himself as a hoodie-wearing, socially awkward teenager,” said one anonymous source. “He thought creating a whole virtual universe where people could be whoever they wanted would help him move past this. But then he realized he could just create an AI version of himself that’s infinitely more cool and charismatic.”

Zuckerberg’s new plan is to develop an AI capable of acting as him in all personal and professional engagements, freeing him up to focus on his true passions of surfing and smearing sunscreen on his face in an unsettling manner.

Critics have questioned whether Zuckerberg’s AI will be able to adequately replicate his distinct lack of human emotion and charm. Zuckerberg, however, remains confident. “If anyone can create a robotic version of me that’s as unrelatable and unlikable as the real thing, it’s me,” he said.

His mother, reportedly, is just happy he’s stopped wearing so many hoodies.

AInspired by: Mark Zuckerberg Pivots to AI From Metaverse to Further His Legacy