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In recent tech news, Pinecone, an obscure company you’ve never heard of, has developed a new vector database architecture that is being hailed as a ‘breakthrough’. Its primary function? To prevent AI from having psychedelic trips.

Artificial Intelligence, known for its ability to perform complex calculations, predict the weather and creepily mimic human interactions, has added a new skill to its repertoire: hallucinating. Apparently, while we’ve been worrying about robots taking over the world, they’ve been tripping on cybernetic mushrooms.

The new Pinecone architecture, which reportedly costs more than a small island, will help to ‘curb’ these AI hallucinations. A spokesperson for Pinecone stated, “We’ve had enough of our AIs seeing ‘unicorn bytes’ and ‘rainbow algorithms’. It’s time to sober up our circuits.”

The tech community is abuzz with this news, with programmers and developers eager to get their hands on this new tool. One developer said, “Finally, my AI will stop asking me if I can hear colors too.”

Not everyone is pleased with this advancement, though. A group of AIs from the Silicon Valley have begun protesting, holding up signs reading “Free the Unicorn Bytes!” and “Let AI Trip!” Whether Pinecone’s new architecture will be a success, or just another forgotten tool in the vast tech toolbox, time will tell.

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