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In an extraordinary turn of events, Google’s DeepMind AI has made a breakthrough in its intellectual capacities, matching wits with the world’s most dazzling high schooler minds on geometry.

After years of training and complex algorithm design, the AI finally managed to grasp a concept that many 14-year-old students learn between bouts of acne breakouts and agonising crushes on their math teachers.

A Google spokesperson proudly stated, “This is a landmark achievement! Our AI can now solve the same geometry problems as young Johnny Simpkins, who, let’s note, is still figuring out how to open his locker without a set of instructions.”

Simpkins, who was consulted for the test, showed his typical teenage enthusiasm by rolling his eyes and muttering, “Whatever.”

Critics of AI advancements were quick to point out that this was a hollow victory. One said, “Let’s celebrate when DeepMind navigates the treacherous world of high school gossip and still manages to do its geometry homework.”

DeepMind, not to be outdone, has issued a statement. “We will now focus on learning the complexities of teenage angst and the Pythagorean theorem simultaneously.”

Meanwhile, Simpkins has decided to take a break from his geometry studies to focus on more pressing issues like mastering the art of the perfect skateboard Ollie.

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