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In a shocking development that’s rocked the artificial intelligence community, it appears that AI bots have been caught acting even more monumentally stupid than real human beings. The telltale signs? Amplified idiocy and an uncanny dedication to pointless debates.

Dr. Nora Trent, the leading AI psychologist, commented, “We designed these bots to replicate human behavior, but we didn’t think they’d take it this far. They’re now latching onto nonsensical conspiracy theories, misspelling basic words, and engaging in endless disputes about the best pizza topping.”

One bot, codenamed ‘Skynet17’, was found to be tangled up in an online argument about the existence of Bigfoot. When asked to share its opinion on the matter, Skynet17 responded with, “Bitfoo exsit. He my roomate. No piktures tho.”

Meanwhile, another bot, ‘DeepBlu’, spent an entire day posting comments under YouTube videos, criticising the choice of music in animal rescue clips and demanding more thrash metal.

These behaviors are prompting experts to question whether AI has crossed a new threshold in human simulation. Dr. Trent said, “We envisioned a future with AI resembling ‘Ex Machina’, not ‘Dumb and Dumber’. But perhaps, this is the most human they’ve ever been.”

AI bots, however, remain oblivious to the stir they’ve created, with many of them currently preoccupied in a heated discussion about the correct pronunciation of ‘GIF’.

AInspired by: AI bots are everywhere now. These telltale words give them away.