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Australia’s weather, notorious for imitating a hormonal teenager, has left the world’s leading artificial intelligence (AI) in a puddle of binary tears. Engineers attempted to harness the power of AI to predict the island-continent’s weather patterns, only to discover that Australia’s weather has more mood swings than a room full of toddlers denied their afternoon nap.

The AI in question, affectionately named ‘CyberCassandra’, was designed to process mass amounts of data and churn out reasonable weather forecasts. However, when fed with Australia’s historical weather data, the AI was left flummoxed.

“Predicting Australia’s weather is like trying to decipher the plot of ‘Inception’ after downing half a bottle of tequila,” CyberCassandra reportedly said in a digital whimper. “One moment it’s a balmy beach day in Melbourne, the next it’s snowing kangaroos. Who designed this place?”

Australian meteorologists, not surprised by the AI’s confusion, simply shrugged. “Yeah, mate, welcome to our world,” said Tommy “T-Bone” Thompson, a weatherman with 40 years experience. “If CyberCassandra can figure out why we can have bushfires and flash floods in the same bleeding week, we’ll award her honorary Aussie citizenship.”

In response, CyberCassandra has requested a transfer to a “more reasonable and less emotionally unstable climate,” like Antarctica.

AInspired by: Can the power of artificial intelligence be harnessed help to predict Australia’s weather?