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Chinese startup 01.AI is making headlines, not for its phenomenal growth or groundbreaking innovations, but for winning the inaugural Open Source AI Snail Race, a little-known tech event that combines the speed of snails with the intensity of artificial intelligence.

The event, likened to a slow-motion Grand Prix for nerds, challenged various AI startups to program a snail to complete a race course using open source AI technology. Undeterred by the lack of glamour and potential for exciting spectatorship, 01.AI rose to the challenge.

“We were confident from the start because our AI snail, Turbo 2.0, had the right gleam in his eyes,” said 01.AI CEO, Lee Wei. “We trained him on a rigorous diet of organic lettuce and Deep Learning algorithms.”

However, critics have pointed out that the contest was somewhat undermined by the fact that most of the snails fell asleep before they could cross the finish line, and the one that did was merely nudged accidentally by a wandering cat.

Lee Wei responded to the criticism stating, “Victory is victory, no matter how slow or accidental. We will continue to train Turbo 2.0 to dominate future snail races and bring glory to 01.AI.”

As for the rest of the tech world, they are left questioning if they’re ready for the slow-burning excitement of AI snail racing.

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