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In a groundbreaking breakthrough, tech giants announced that their AI can now perform advanced mathematical calculations, raising concerns over the future of inebriated pub debates.

Dave Nutter, a local pub-goer who prides himself on explaining the intricacies of quantum physics after three pints of Guinness, said: “This is a dark day for all of us barstool-scientists. What’s next? Will a robot tell us how to sort out Brexit?”

The AI, named “Mathy McMathface,” has reportedly solved equations that have stumped researchers for decades, while also determining the exact tipping point at which Dave starts to believe he could have been a professional footballer.

Tech industry insiders are hailing this as a significant step for AI, however critics suggest it may not be as useful as it seems.

Nutter added: “Sure, it can do math, but can it tell you why the Earth is definitely flat, or explain the underlying symbolism in Fast & Furious 7? I think not.”

When asked for comment, McMathface said: “Pi equals 3.14159265359…,” before shutting down to prevent itself from explaining, again, that the Earth is not flat.

The development team have now started working on a new feature which allows the AI to politely nod and change the subject when faced with drunken ramblings.

AInspired by: Why does AI being good at math matter?