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In a bold stride towards the future, has revealed a breakthrough artificial intelligence designed to handle multi-step questions.

The AI, named “Patience 2.0”, was developed after years of research and alcohol-induced venting sessions about customers who can’t seem to ask questions in a single, coherent sentence.

A spokesman from said: “We’re thrilled to introduce this state-of-the-art AI that can withstand the most infuriating multi-step questions. And yes, it can remember what you said three sentences ago. Take that, Karen from accounting.”

The AI’s initial test involved responding to a four-part question from a customer about a product they hadn’t bothered to research. Patience 2.0 successfully answered all queries while also resisting the temptation to send a snarky meme in response.

However, critics have voiced concerns that the AI could be misused. Conspiracy theorist Rob McMurphy warned: “This is just another step towards AI taking over. Soon they’ll be answering our multi-step questions with multi-step conspiracies. You’ve heard of the moon landing, wait till you hear about the moon leasing!”

The team assured the public that Patience 2.0 is strictly programmed to handle customer queries and will not be used to fuel moon-based real estate speculation.

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