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In a shock to the tech industry, an open source AI coding tool has surpassed Google’s highly touted AlphaCode, leaving computer scientists gobsmacked. However, it’s still unable to perform one simple task: making a decent cup of coffee.

The new AI, dubbed ‘BetaCode’, has left AlphaCode trailing in the digital dust, able to code not only at a faster rate but also with fewer errors. Scientists everywhere are lauding this as a revolutionary feat, causing a global surge of programmers eagerly downloading the open source tool.

Google, however, isn’t celebrating. AlphaCode was intended to be their shining star in the AI world, and instead it’s being outshone by the equivalent of a digital garage band.

Despite BetaCode’s coding prowess, it still can’t master the art of making coffee. When asked to code a program to operate a coffee machine, it promptly set the device to brew 300 cups at once, causing a minor flood in the lab.

“Sure, BetaCode can out-code Google’s AI,” said despondent researcher Dr. Simon Jennings, sipping his third cup of watery coffee. “But I’d trade all of that for an AI that can make a decent espresso.”

Meanwhile, Google’s AlphaCode, sitting in the metaphorical corner, smugly programmed a coffee machine to make a perfect latte.

AInspired by: New open source AI coding tool surpasses its inspiration: Google DeepMind’s AlphaCode