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The hottest job title in Corporate America now is not ‘CEO’, ‘CFO’ or ‘CTO’, but ‘EIA’: Executive in charge of Artificial Intelligence, or as insiders prefer to call it, ‘Executive in charge of Intimidating Everyone via Artificial Intelligence’.

The first and foremost qualification of this role is to convincingly pretend to understand A.I., throw around complex jargon during meetings, and make everyone feel like they are living in the stone ages.

Dan Smith, an ‘EIA’ at a Fortune 500 company, stated, “Honestly, we just have to keep repeating phrases like ‘machine learning’, ‘neural networks’, and ‘algorithm bias’ in every conversation. Understanding them is optional. The key is to mention ‘Skynet’ and ‘Terminator’ occasionally to keep everyone on their toes.”

The hiring process for this role is as elaborate as the job itself. Candidates are judged on their ability to confuse panels with complex terminologies, misquote Elon Musk, and their skill in using phrases like ‘quantum leap in productivity’ and ‘revolutionize the industry’ without laughing outright.

Smith concluded, “The EIA role is not for everyone. It requires a certain level of skill to make things sound way more complex than they actually are. But hey, who doesn’t love some good old workplace intimidation?”

AInspired by: Hottest Job in Corporate America? The Executive in Charge of A.I.