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In a hilarious twist of tech-world irony, CEO of AI firm Mistral, accidentally leaked their latest open-source AI model on Twitter this week. The hapless CEO, who has not revealed whether the leak was a result of mistyping a DM, a drunken tweet, or an insidiously clever marketing ploy, has since tried to downplay the incident by stating, “It’s practically GPT-4 anyway.”

Friends of the CEO shared their concerns, with one stating, “He’s been acting weird lately. Last week he tried to convince us that his Tesla was just ‘an iPhone with wheels’.”

In a valiant attempt to turn the leak into a win, the CEO later tweeted: “Did I mention it can write poetry, rap, and do your taxes? It’s practically Shakespeare, Eminem, and H&R Block all rolled into one.”

However, tech analysts have expressed skepticism, with one saying, “I highly doubt it. The AI model’s first tweet was ‘covfefe’, so I don’t think we’re quite there yet.”

When asked for comment, OpenAI, the creators of GPT-3, responded: “We are excited to see a new AI model that’s only as good as our last one. Sounds like a real game-changer.”

AInspired by: Mistral CEO confirms ‘leak’ of new open source AI model nearing GPT-4 performance