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“Before ForMed, drug development was a long, complicated process,” explains head of the project, Dr. Nelson. “Now we just input a bunch of medical lingo and let ForMed do its thing. By dinner, we have a brand-new drug.”

When asked about the testing phase of these new drugs, Dr. Nelson became less exuberant. “Oh, right. Testing. Well, that’s still a work in progress. We’ve sent out a few batches to our most adventurous volunteers. Some of them are even still responding to our emails.”

Despite the unknown effectiveness, ForMed-developed drugs are already hitting the market. One example is the promising “XanQuil,” a drug specifically designed to help stressed-out AI programmers sleep at night. Early feedback suggests it also turns your tongue green, but Dr. Nelson remains optimistic.

“I’m sure we’ll iron out those kinks in no time,” he says. “Just as soon as we get ForMed to stop suggesting ‘highly toxic’ as a common ingredient.”

AInspired by: AI Speeds Up Drug Development, But Effectiveness Is Untested