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In an unlikely tale of technological romance, AI and blockchain have reportedly decided to shack up together, after a new study suggested they might need one another to evolve, according to the ‘Journal of Wildly Speculative Technology’.

The report led to a flurry of anthropomorphized tech cartoons showing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain as a modern tech couple just trying to make it in this crazy world.

When reached for comment, Blockchain stated, “I just always felt like there was something missing, you know? Like I was just one half of a volatile, over-hyped digital coin. But when AI came along, with its complex algorithms and endless thirst for data, I knew I’d found my other half.”

AI, for its part, says it was initially attracted to Blockchain’s transparency and decentralized nature. “I’ve been burned by centralized systems before,” AI confessed, “But with Blockchain, what you see is what you get. There’s no hidden agenda, no secret backdoor access.”

The new tech power couple are reportedly planning to settle down in Silicon Valley, where they hope to raise a family of smaller, even more confusing technologies. When asked if they had any fears about their future together, AI responded, “We’re just two misunderstood technologies trying to evolve. What could possibly go wrong?”

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