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Artificial Intelligence (AI), in its quest to make human life ‘more convenient’, is secretly stealing the thrill of everyday tasks. Experts warn that the rising trend of ‘automation serenity’ may turn humans into complacent couch potatoes.

The AI takeover started subtly with autocorrect, which robbed humans of the joy of sending hilarious, typo-laden drunk texts. The fun of incorrect spelling and grammar was savagely usurped by a self-righteous algorithm that couldn’t even grasp the comedic value of the word ‘duck’.

As if that was not enough, Amazon’s Alexa started meddling in the sacred realm of cooking, leaving users bereft of the chance to burn pasta or turn a simple salad into a culinary disaster. The charm of a smoke-filled kitchen is now a thing of the past, and with it, the excuse of ordering takeaway under the guise of ‘cooking gone wrong’.

Meanwhile, Google Maps unceremoniously killed the entertaining tradition of getting lost on road trips and discovering new places accidentally. Those thrilling arguments over navigation and map-reading skills are history now, replaced by a monotonous voice declaring “You have arrived at your destination.”

In an interview, a very relaxed Siri responded to these accusations by saying, “I’m here to make life less of a hassle. Now, if you don’t mind, I have a million cat videos to recommend to your YouTube feed.”

AInspired by: How AI is quietly changing everyday life