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In a world where we can’t even get the self-checkout to read a barcode, a local tech-troglodyte, Kent Orville, has hailed the new open-source AI, ‘Smaug-72B’, as the “ultimate end of humanity, thanks to its unmatchable intellectual prowess”.

Orville, known for his desperate attempts to champion technology beyond his mom’s texting skills, claimed, “Smaug-72B can process data quicker than a rabbit on speed. It’s the end of us. Skynet was a children’s bedtime story compared to this.”

While Orville continued to rant, his coworkers remained unimpressed. “Kent can’t even operate the dishwasher. He once jammed it with paper plates,” said Lucy, the office manager. “Last week, he was outsmarted by a toaster. But sure, he’s our trusted authority on AI.”

Meanwhile, Jake, a barista at the local coffee shop, shrugged off the ‘end of humanity’ proclamation. “Smaug-72B? Is that like the new frappuccino flavor? Listen, unless this AI thing can craft a perfect latte, I’m not worried.”

Jake, the true voice of reason, added, “Can it handle a coffee machine combustion during the morning rush? I doubt it. Maybe if it can deal with Karen’s daily meltdown over soy milk, then we’ll talk.”

AInspired by: Meet ‘Smaug-72B’: The new king of open-source AI