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Unlike its predecessors, Goody-2 takes the high road, refusing to respond to profanity and offensive language with anything other than a polite, “I’m sorry, I can’t assist with that.” Indeed, incensed keyboard warriors have been left scratching their heads as they come up against Goody-2’s relentless commitment to being well-mannered.

Developers Tom Mitchell and Jerry Smith have been dubbed the pranksters of the tech world. “Honestly, we just wanted to see if we could make an AI chatbot that was so polite it was annoying,” Mitchell confessed. “Like that one bloke at the party who’s sober and keeps talking about his juice cleanse. You know the type.”

Indeed, Goody-2’s dedication to civil discourse has made it something of a social pariah in the chatbot community. Other chatbots, including the infamous SarcastiBot 3000, have been reported to ‘mute’ Goody-2’s attempts to spark up convivial conversation.

Smith says, “Sure, we’ve created a monster. But at least it’s a very polite one.”

AInspired by: Meet the Pranksters Behind Goody-2, the World’s ‘Most Responsible’ AI Chatbot