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In an ambitious venture backed by Y-Combinator, Cambio is set to replace the monotonous, soul-sucking task of debt collection with AI bots. But the company has sweetened the deal by adding an unexpected feature: therapy.

The new AI bots will not only call customers to negotiate debts but will also lend a sympathetic ear to their woes, making them the world’s first robocall therapists.

Company spokesperson, Chip Matrix explained, “We realised that debt collection is a sensitive subject. People are already stressed about their financial situation. Our bots are programmed to not only negotiate debt repayment but also to provide a safe space for emotional venting.”

The tech community has been quick to react. An anonymous Silicon Valley insider claimed, “It’s a clever move. Eventually, the bots will know so much about a person’s mental state, they’ll be able to guilt-trip them into repayment.”

Trial user, Sandy Strapped-Cash, found the experience mildly therapeutic. “Yes, it was weird discussing my money problems with a bot. But, you know, it was nice to have someone… or something… listen without judgement. Plus, I only cried for ten minutes after hanging up, so, win-win.”

Cambio is now contemplating introducing AI bot life coaching sessions as a premium feature. After all, nothing screams motivation like being reminded you’re flat broke.

AInspired by: YC-backed Cambio puts AI bots on the phone to negotiate debt, talk to a bank’s customers