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Local resident, Boris Knetov, has been branded a robotic nuisance by his friends and family after an unfortunate mishap involving a vodka martini and an Amazon Alexa.

The incident, which Boris insists was an accident, occurred when he asked Alexa to play ‘Back in the USSR’ for the sixteenth time that evening. His friends, already frustrated by his questionable taste in music and lengthy diatribes on Russian ballet, mistook his monotone voice and repetitive speech patterns for that of a bot.

“I was just trying to share my culture,” lamented Boris, in his thick Russian accent that Alexa routinely mistakes for binary code. “I didn’t mean to upset anyone.”

The group’s suspicions were confirmed when Boris accidentally slipped on spilt vodka, got back up, and proceeded to ask Alexa the same question with undeterred enthusiasm. “That’s when we knew he was a bot,” said John, a disgruntled friend and witness to Boris’s robotic behavior. “No human would persist after that kind of humiliation.”

Despite repeated attempts to convince his friends that he’s human, Boris’s monotone voice and an uncanny resemblance to R2D2 have only served to fuel the rumors. Boris insists his friends are overreacting but admits, “Perhaps I should try varying my music requests a little more.”

AInspired by: You sound like a bot