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In an initiative to make artificial intelligence (AI) as mysterious and baffling as possible, OpenAI’s latest creation, Sora, is a robot that knows less about its mission than anyone else.

According to OpenAI spokesperson, Sandy Ramset, Sora’s primary function is to “do stuff, we think…or maybe not.” When asked to clarify, Ramset merely raised her eyebrows and suggested, “Maybe it’s you who needs to clarify?”

Sora, who communicates via complex series of beeps and squeaks, had this to say about its mission: “Beep beep, squeak squeak, beep beep.” Our best translation efforts suggest it might be asking for a oil change or perhaps considering the philosophical implications of its existence.

While some critics claim this opacity is confusing, OpenAI insists it’s all part of the plan. “We’re trying to recreate the human experience in AI,” said Ramset, “and for most humans, the real purpose of their existence is a mystery. We figure, why should it be any different for robots?”

Meanwhile, Sora continues to beep and squeak, occasionally bumping into walls and trying to engage the office plants in philosophical debates, proving that it’s just as lost in confusion about its existence as we are.

AInspired by: With Sora, OpenAI highlights the mystery and clarity of its mission | The AI Beat