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In an unexpected turn of events, Gary Marcus, the most vocal critic of AI, was left in a state of confounded shock when a local pigeon emerged as the superior intellect during a walk.

The pigeon, now named “Albert” by local onlookers, showed an uncanny knack for navigation, flawlessly avoiding dastardly obstacles like low-flying drones and errant frisbees, which Marcus routinely stumbled over.

Marcus, who has built his career decrying the intelligence of artificial intelligence, could only gape as Albert meticulously picked up breadcrumbs with surgical precision even a robot would envy. On the other hand, Marcus fumbled with his ham and cheese roll, dropping almost 60% of it, a statistic the pigeon happily capitalized on.

After the walk, a visibly flustered Marcus said, “I just don’t get it. That bloody bird doesn’t have advanced algorithms, or neural networks, yet managed to navigate the park with supreme efficiency. And that roll… it was slippery, okay!”

Onlookers are now suggesting Marcus trade his walks for a stint with Google Maps, hoping it could improve his navigational skills. As for Albert, his daring exploits have earned him the title of “Feathered Einstein” among park-goers. Meanwhile, the local AI community is considering naming him their unofficial mascot.

AInspired by: I went for a walk with Gary Marcus, AI’s loudest critic