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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has just released a groundbreaking study claiming artificial intelligence will acquire the essential skill of copying and pasting by 2024.

The report suggests that by 2024, AI will have mastered the crucial keystrokes ‘Ctrl+C’ and ‘Ctrl+V’, propelling it to the top of office productivity charts. “This will be a game-changer,” said IEEE spokesperson Reginald Bumbleshoot. “There’s no telling how many more cat videos can be shared in a day once we’ve got bots doing the heavy lifting.”

Bumbleshoot explained that the development may even replace human office workers who currently excel at this task. “Imagine an AI not just copying and pasting text, but entire dissertations, business plans, or even political manifestos. The possibilities are endless, and mildly terrifying,” he added.

When asked about the potential for misuse and plagiarism, Bumbleshoot dismissed the concern. “Our AI will be programmed to only copy and paste open-source text and royalty-free cat memes. It’s completely ethical. Probably.”

However, office workers across the globe remain unimpressed. “Well, let’s see if they can handle the incredible complexity of ‘Ctrl+Z’,” snorted Sandra Jenkins, a veteran of the Ctrl+C Ctrl+V league for ten years. “I’d like to see a bot undo a disastrously copied and pasted joke in the company chat. Good luck with that, IEEE.”

AInspired by: AI set to drive major tech advancements in 2024, IEEE study finds