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In the ongoing phenomenon of the AI boom, it’s not just the tech tycoons who are cashing in big time. An unexpected range of individuals and industries are riding the lucrative wave of artificial intelligence, all thanks to the so-called ‘halo effect.’

We interviewed ‘Dusty Bob,’ a wily janitor at a startup who’s made a killing by strategically placing bets on which of the office’s AI projects would actually pan out. “They think I’m here to clean up their spilt soy lattes and discarded avocado toasts, but I’m really eavesdropping on their ‘innovative breakthroughs’ to see where to place my bets,” said Dusty Bob, winking and sweeping up a collection of kale chips.

It’s not just the janitorial staff reaping rewards. Local bars are also seeing an unexpected profit surge, as the tech nerds drown their failed AI project sorrows in craft beer and organic wines. “The more their AI projects fail, the more our sales go up. I’ve never been so grateful for unsuccessful technology,” said Tom, the owner of ‘Binary Brews.’

Even pigeon fanciers are in on the action, training their birds to poop on the windows of companies predicted to fail, causing a minor, yet significant distraction that tips the balance in favor of rival firms. AI: the gift that keeps on giving.

AInspired by: The AI side bet: The less obvious contenders that stand to benefit from the halo effect