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In a move that screams “we’ve given up on humans,” a group of former Twitter engineers have created Particle, an AI-powered news reader that promises to deliver only good news to its users.

Particle, named because ‘it’s smaller than Twitter and you won’t spend as much time on it’, uses cutting-edge technology to scan the globe’s headlines and deliver only the fluffiest, feel-good news articles to your device.

“The world is at the brink of disaster,” said lead engineer Fred McReedy, “so we figured, let’s just pretend it’s not. Hence, Particle!”

Despite the app’s cheerful facelift, users have reported a strange phenomenon: the more they use Particle, the worse they feel about the state of the world. “I know there are puppies being rescued and people baking massive cakes,” said one beta tester, “but knowing that’s all Particle will show me somehow makes it all feel worse.”

Particle is set to be released next month, just in time for you to ignore the upcoming elections, rising sea levels, and your impending existential crisis. The engineers are also planning an extra feature that delivers only bad news, for those who enjoy wallowing in despair. The new feature will be aptly named ‘Reality Check’.

AInspired by: Former Twitter engineers are building Particle, an AI-powered news reader