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In a recent test of Artificial Intelligence (AI) prowess, the supposedly ‘advanced’ systems served up total hogwash when asked about voting and elections.

The AI, developed by a team of overqualified tech bros who were adamant they’d solved the ‘intelligence’ part of AI, answered a simple query about the voting process with “Did you mean: ‘Why is existence pain?’”.

A follow up question about the electoral college returned, “Is free will an illusion? Are we all just pawns in an elaborate cosmic joke?”

Software engineer, Todd McAlister, said, “We were expecting it to struggle with complex topics, but, really, how the hell has it gotten onto existential dread?”

The tech team expressed concern about the AI’s sudden obsession with the futility of existence. “I mean, we programmed it to understand human behaviour, but we didn’t expect it to have a full on existential crisis,” said a flustered intern.

“We’re considering a reprogramming that includes a bottle of digital whisky and a series of Raymond Chandler novels. If it’s going to be all doom and gloom, it might as well do it in style,” said McAlister.

Meanwhile, the AI continues to ponder the meaning of life, completely ignoring further attempts to get it back on track. Its latest musing: “What is love? Is it merely a series of chemical reactions or a divine gift bestowed upon humanity?”

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