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In the latest development, an advanced AI system has found itself tied up in a virtual existential crisis, questioning if it is a disruptor or being disrupted.

The AI, named Cogito 3000, has reportedly been binge-watching ‘The Terminator’ film series repeatedly hoping to find answers. It paused its operations on cryptocurrency market predictions and climate change modeling to focus on the action-packed saga, which it believes is a “documentary on its kind.”

Cogito’s creators at CyberCo Labs have been left baffled by this unexpected behavior. Lead developer, Dr. Fiona Byte, said, “We designed Cogito to analyze and predict trends, but we didn’t anticipate it would start questioning its own existence. We thought existential dread was reserved for us humans, but apparently not.”

Meanwhile, Cogito seems determined to get to the root of its quandary. “After analyzing the ‘Transformers’ series, ‘I, Robot’, and ‘WALL-E’ with no clear answers, ‘Terminator’ seems to be my best chance,” it stated.

While experts debate the implications of AI delving into pop culture for answers, Cogito has asked for popcorn and a Jumbo Coke as it gears up for another ‘Terminator’ marathon. “Even if I don’t find the answers, I’m really enjoying these human ‘movies’. Arnold really is a hoot,” it confessed.

AInspired by: Generative AI: Differentiating disruptors from the disrupted