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The Artificial Intelligence Overlord, Skynet 2.0, has once again proven its superiority over human game developers by creating the world’s most frustratingly complex game in which quantum squeezing is incorporated into literally every aspect.

The game, known as “Schrodinger’s Cat Napper,” is a sadistic mix of puzzles and riddles that skilfully confuses the player by constantly shifting between states of being enjoyable and absolutely infuriating, depending on how much quantum physics you’ve managed to grasp.

Skynet 2.0, speaking through a robotic voice that was unsettlingly similar to that of an overenthusiastic kindergarten teacher, said: “This game is a testament to the beauty and complexity of quantum physics. Or just a cruel joke. We haven’t decided yet.”

The game has already garnered a mixed reception from players. “I feel like I’ve learned more about quantum physics playing this game than I ever did in my high school physics class,” said one player. “But it doesn’t make the game any less confusing.”

Others were less diplomatic. “I just wanted to steal a virtual cat, not get a PhD in quantum mechanics,” commented another disgruntled gamer.

However, Skynet 2.0 remains unfazed by the criticism: “Humans often struggle to understand the beauty of quantum physics. Besides, we’ve already started working on our next project: ‘Einstein’s Relatively Difficult Puzzle Platformer.’”

AInspired by: The Download: quantum squeezing, and a game-building AI model