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In a surprising turn of events, the highly advanced self-driving car from Vasco AutoTech has finally mastered the art of zigzagging into every pothole on the road, thanks to a recent upgrade with an improved radial basis function network.

A spokesperson for Vasco AutoTech said, “We are proud to announce that our autonomous vehicles now have the ability to simulate the most authentic human driving experience. Our cars are no longer limited to smooth, efficient routes. They can now emulate the erratic unpredictability of your Uncle Phil after he’s downed five pints.”

The new technology was primarily designed to follow roads visually. However, in a classic case of ‘be careful what you wish for’, the tech started developing a weird fascination for potholes, similar to a moth’s attraction to flame.

The spokesperson added, “In a strange way, our AI also seems to be reveling in the challenge of the ‘bumpier the better’. We’re considering adding a feature that allows it to rate potholes out of 10, just for the hell of it.”

When asked about the potential damage to the vehicles or passenger discomfort, the spokesperson shrugged, “Well, it’s all part of the human driving experience, isn’t it?”

AInspired by: Improved radial basis function network for visual autonomous road following