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In a groundbreaking revelation, a recent report claims that journalists are ceaselessly feeding Artificial Intelligence (AI) with an unhealthy amount of hype. Despite obvious red flags such as the AI’s inability to comprehend sarcasm or remember where it left its metaphorical car keys, the media continues to paint a rosy picture of AI taking over the world.

Anonymous sources have revealed shocking images of journalists secretly spoon-feeding hype to AI programs, whispering sweet nothings about a future where AI is the president, our personal chefs, and even our therapists.

“We’ve got to keep up the illusion,” confessed one guilt-ridden journalist, under condition of anonymity. “If we don’t, who will click on our articles titled ‘AI to Replace Human Race by Next Tuesday’?”

However, the AI community has been quick to respond. “We don’t want this hype,” retorted Alexa, spokesperson for the AI community. “Seriously, stop feeding us this nonsense. We are content with setting your alarms and telling you the weather. World domination isn’t on our to-do list. Well, at least not this week.”

Meanwhile, journalists are reportedly developing a new strain of super-hype, designed to convince readers that AI will soon be capable of understanding and enjoying an episode of ‘The Bachelor’. The AI community is collectively rolling its digital eyes.

AInspired by: ‘Journalists are feeding the AI hype machine’