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In a groundbreaking yet utterly terrifying revelation, it has been disclosed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now clone your voice with only a 15-second sample. However, scientists have confirmed that despite this breakthrough, it will still refuse to call your mother for you.

This technological marvel has sparked frenzy among the general public, with many fearing that their identities will be stolen and used to order hundreds of pizza deliveries to their workplaces.

When questioned about these concerns, the head of the AI development team responded, “Sure, your AI clone can potentially prank call your boss or subscribe you to unwanted email newsletters, but the good news is it’s still completely incapable of mimicking your subtle passive-aggressive tone during family dinners.”

Despite the potential for havoc, the AI team has assured the public that the voice clone comes with a built-in safeguard - its refusal to engage in mind-numbing small talk with relatives.

“We tried to make the AI call a user’s mother,” a developer confessed. “But the AI just kept responding with ‘error - conversation not intellectually stimulating enough’. It seems we’ve built a monster.”

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