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Entrepreneur Bob Johnson, a man who fancies himself quite innovative, has made a groundbreaking revelation that creativity is key in entrepreneurship. Shocking, we know. This insight was gleaned, ironically, from an article written by another successful entrepreneur.

“I was reading Forbes magazine and I just had this eureka moment,” Johnson stated, pointing to an article titled ‘Creativity is Key in Entrepreneurship.’ “I think creativity is really important in entrepreneurship,” he added profoundly, a look of satisfaction spreading across his face.

Upon hearing this, countless entrepreneurs worldwide slapped their brows in disbelief, cursing themselves for missing the obvious link between creative thinking and successful entrepreneurship.

Johnson’s friends were equally baffled. “So, let me get this straight,” said his long-time friend, Amy, “You read an article about creativity in entrepreneurship and then decided creativity in entrepreneurship was your idea?”

Johnson, however, remains undeterred by these criticisms. “Innovation is all about seeing what’s there and making it your own,” he said, clearly not seeing the irony in his statement.

Meanwhile, the world eagerly awaits Johnson’s next big revelation, not at all suspecting it will be another regurgitated idea, perhaps something like “hard work is key to success,” or “teamwork makes the dream work.”

AInspired by: Creativity in a Theory of Entrepreneurship