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In a disturbing trend that has shaken Silicon Valley to its core, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make errors, prompting the question: What if it can’t be fixed?

Dr. Colin Jones, a leading AI pioneer, said, “I’ve spent two decades designing a machine that can mistake a chihuahua for a muffin in an image recognition test. The horror of it not working perfectly is too much to bear.”

As AI blundered through chess games, failed to accurately predict the weather, and consistently recommended terribly rated films on Netflix, humanity has been left to confront the terrifying possibility that these machines are not gods.

“We’ve tried everything,” said a visibly frustrated Dr. Jones. “We’ve updated the software, checked the wiring, even tried sweet-talking it. Nothing seems to work.”

In the midst of the chaos, an intern suggested a novel solution: turning the AI off and on again. The scientific community responded with stunned silence, followed by an uproar of laughter.

“Turn it off and on again? Preposterous!” exclaimed Dr. Jones. “Next, you’ll be suggesting we check if it’s plugged in!”

Meanwhile, the AI seemed unfazed by the drama, simply continuing its mission of categorizing every cat meme on the internet. Reports indicate it is currently stuck between a toe-beans pic and a ‘If I fits, I sits’ dilemma.

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