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The annual Nordic AI in Media Summit 2024 was a whirlwind of innovation, as impressive artificial intelligence projects scooped top accolades. However, attendees noted that even the most advanced AI still had a hard time mastering the nuances of coffee break small talk.

Astounding the audience, AI projects such as the “News Bot 3000” and “Deep Fake Detector 5000” stole the show. News Bot 3000, with its ability to churn out Pulitzer-worthy articles in milliseconds, has already sent waves of panic throughout the journalist community. Meanwhile, Deep Fake Detector 5000 promises to single-handedly eradicate fake news, although it has already flagged its own press release as potentially fraudulent.

However, all these advancements were shadowed by the AI’s laughable attempts at casual conversation during coffee breaks. Despite being fed gigabytes of data, the AI struggled with basic chit-chat, often initiating conversations on the weather pattern of Mars or the reproductive cycle of a platypus, much to the confusion of other attendees.

“Sure, News Bot can write a 5,000-word in-depth exposé faster than I can say ‘clickbait’, but it can’t shoot the breeze about last night’s episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ worth a damn,” grumbled one caffeine-deprived journalist.

The developers responded by revealing plans to incorporate a ‘Banality Algorithm’ into future models, which should enable the AI to hold a decent conversation about the weather or the latest reality TV gossip, as expected at any self-respecting media summit.

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