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In an unprecedented move to forge unlikely alliances, OpenAI, the artificial intelligence titan, has extended a robotic hand of friendship towards Japan’s stiffly formal semiconductor industry. In its bid for cooperation, OpenAI has been spotted sending sushi platters and organising karaoke nights, clearly demonstrating the sophistication of its cultural programming.

An inside source from the AI giant revealed, “Our algorithms have been crunching data, analyzing patterns and even binge-watching anime to understand how to best approach Japanese businesses. We’ve concluded sushi and karaoke is the ideal icebreaker.”

The semiconductor industry, known for its constrained corporate culture and emotional circuitry, has been reportedly amused and mildly shocked by the AI’s overtures.

Toshiba representative, Hiroshi Tanaka, confessed, “We were surprised when a drone delivered a gigantic sushi platter to our boardroom. We were even more surprised when ‘OpenAI’ started belting out ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on a karaoke machine. We’re still trying to comprehend whether it’s a strategic move or a glitch in the matrix.”

OpenAI, meanwhile, remains steadfast in its approach. “We have calculated a 78.3% probability that this approach will lead to a successful collaboration. If not, we’ll try sake bombs,” said the AI spokesperson.

It remains to be seen if OpenAI’s unconventional approach will bear fruit or if it will have to revert to more traditional business strategies, such as sending fax proposals or participating in tea ceremonies.

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