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In an unexpected twist of events, the US and Europe find themselves in an all-too-human predicament. The object of their affection? Artificial Intelligence (AI). The problem? The two are lost on how to make AI realize its worth in this geopolitical love triangle.

A highly placed source revealed, “Both the US and Europe are just standing at opposite ends of the room, giving AI longing glances, and hoping that the other will make a fool of themselves first.”

The EU, known for its reserved demeanour, is trying to woo AI with GDPR compliance certificates and promises of ethical guidelines. Meanwhile, the US is flaunting its Silicon Valley ‘bad boy’ image, aiming to seduce AI with high-speed computation and unrestricted data access.

However, the AI, oblivious to the human complexities of jealousy and competition, continues to focus on its main task: figuring out how to make a perfect cup of coffee.

An anonymous AI researcher clarified, “AI doesn’t understand the concept of geopolitical contest. It’s more interested in calculating how many beans it needs for an ideal espresso.”

The US and Europe are expected to continue their desperate attempts to win over AI, while China, the sly third wheel, has already offered AI the keys to its massive data vaults.

AInspired by: The US and Europe need a strategy for the geopolitical contest over AI