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In a groundbreaking development, a slew of new AI tools are promising to make work meetings even more excruciatingly tedious, frustrating and unnecessarily long than ever before.

These state-of-the-art technologies, designed to ‘improve’ and ‘streamline’ the meeting experience, will analyze your every word, gesture and facial expression, and then provide utterly pointless feedback which everyone will ignore.

“We’re incredibly excited,” said Mike ‘Tech Guru’ Simmons, inventor of the ‘Talking Pointless’ app. “With this technology, we can ensure that a one-hour meeting will now take at least three. And with the addition of unnecessary charts, graphs, and ‘insightful’ AI suggestions, we’ll make sure no one leaves the meeting room without questioning their career choices.”

One of the flagship features is the ‘Jargon Generator’, which will instantaneously translate any straightforward language into a convoluted mess of corporate buzzwords, thereby ensuring that nobody understands a damn thing.

Meanwhile, the ‘Pointless Debate Initiator’ will pick up on any minor disagreements and blow them up into full-scale arguments, thereby guaranteeing that nothing gets resolved.

Employee Jane Smith commented, “Great, just what I needed, more reasons to despise Mondays.”

The AI tools will also record every meeting, ensuring future generations can look back and marvel at the sheer amount of time humans wasted in meetings that could have been emails.

AInspired by: A Wave of AI Tools Is Set to Transform Work Meetings